Best Halloween costumes 2018

We all know the ‘stakes’ (no pun intended) go up each year to find the latest, scariest, most ‘let’s outdo your friend’s’ costume for Halloween!

We’ve hand-picked some of the best that we can find.

Have fun scaring, punking and pranking your friends and loved ones:


  1. The classic false tongue!

Halloween costume This will confuse the hell out of everyone, extremely lifelike but incredibly stretchy.. Try to keep a straight face whilst talking to a pal.



2. ‘Billy’ Mask from the saw films
The super creepy saw mask is sure to scare the life out of the mother in law… Test it out, just ask her “If she wants to play a game” mwhahhaahah…

3. Obi One Kenobi outfit


4. Realistic Scars and cuts

Halloween scar makeupAmazing, Authentic scar and blood make-up transfers, complete that horror look and feel.










5. The Purge mask

The Purge mask costumeOne of our favorites, the Purge mask! Realistic LED mask, 100% scare factor. Stand out from the norm…










6. Full Zombie outfit

The complete package.. This realistic zombie outfit is so good it will have people running in fear. Chase a friend, find a great hiding spot and scare, scare, scare… mwwwaaaaaa

7. Naughty Nun / Sexy Sister outfit


Naughty Nun Halloween CostumeIf it’s all about looking good, then this is the outfit for you. Add a few scars some blood and make an entrance!










8.  Skeleton Gloves

 An absolute must for Halloween, they’ll see you coming in these sensational skeleton LED gloves. Essential party wear…


9. The Monk outfit / Assasins Creed style

Monk costume Choice outfit for Halloween, Moody and authentic, including the cross and rope belt.










10. Anonymous LED mask

Halloween Anonymous maskBecome Anonymous (well only for the night) but hey, ultra cool, lightweight mask. Combine with a full outfit for mass impact!











We have many more options, including fake blood, props, Masks, Spiders, stockings and pranks. Visit our fancy dress and Halloween sections to view more.

Have a spooking good time..